Jun 20, 2010

Conquer Ilocos, Philippines - Day 1 at Vigan part 1

Summer 2010. Highshool Ilocos Get-away!

picture taking at our cottage
We left Manila at around 10pm and travel north for more or less 9 hours. Imagine how painful our butts are. But then, when we arrive at our first destination - Vigan, we forgot how long our journey is. It was replaced by the excitement and thrill. Most of us our first timers. With me were Ael and Kiko, Mark, Shai, Jonalyn and JC, Jeng and Liz, Gus and Julie, Pol, Arnel, Ferry, Roxanne, Sheanne, Arnel, Tintin, Phnas and JR, plus 2 drivers and JR’s papa.

We checked-in in our resort, we arrived there around 8am and took our breakfast(the famous Vigan longanisa). Then after that, we fixed our things and prepared ourselves for whole days activity. We will be touring the whole Vigan that day. Our call time is 10am.

While waiting for others, we explored the whole resort and took some pictures.
a nice "kubo" near our rooms

with my highschool friends: JR, Tin, Jendel, me and Liz

first breakfast at Ilocos: Vigan Longanisa, Fried egg and Rice
"bored" mates: mark, hershey, ael, jendel, kiko(ung nakasilip), Liz, Tin, Phol and Arnel
Finally, at around 11am (yes, they were late ^_^), we are all set to conquer Vigan.

Our first stop is the Abel Shop, an Ilocos Fabric. Abel is weaved with the use of a wooden handloom which is equivalent of sewing machine in he past. Abel Fabric was usually finished over weeks depending on the design of the fabric.

Abel Fabric weaving with a wooden handloom
Next destination was the Bantayan Bell Tower. Bantayan, as the name implies, served as a "bantay" (watcher/watchout) against pirates. As you will notice, the bell tower is separated from the main church.
They designed this way to protect the church in earthquakes and typhoons. This Bell Tower is mounted on a hill that makes it unique among the other bell towers here in Ilocos.

Bantayan Bell Tower, served as a watchtower against pirates
Bantayan Bell Tower Adventure will not finish if you will not experience climbing the tower via an extremely steep and narrow spiral staircase. But the climb is worth it because as you reached the top, you can see a full 360 degree view of the area. Aside from that is the cool wind that will freshen you up, contrary to the hot sun outside the tower. This maybe because of the structure of the tower which is made of red bricks that made it very very cool despite of the very hot weather outside. The tower has many bells around, each one of them has its own purpose/use and a one big Bell in the middle of the tower.

Me with the Big Bell on Bantayan Bell Tower

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