Jun 2, 2010

Tanay, Rizal Hidden Treasures

I am a native of Rizal, but little did I know that situated in one of its town are hidden paradises - Daranak Falls, Batlag Falls and Calinawan Cave.

calinawan cave
Calinawan Cave
We came straight from our office team building in Antipolo when we headed to Tanay. It is more or less an hour ride to Tanay market.
From there we hired a jeep, with three wheels, to take us to our destinations.

Our first stop is Calinawan Cave. According to my research,
“Calinawan Cave” got its name from the word "linaw", a Tagalog term for "clear". It served as a hideout from Japanese during World War II. This is also the cave where Japanese surrendered to the Liberation Forces.

After that we headed straight to Daranak and Batlag Falls.

daranak falls
Daranak Falls, Taytay, Rzal
Daranak Falls is a government-owned park and part of the laguna watershed. It has been known as one of the most beautiful natural formations of the Philippines. You'll feel so envigorated and ecstatic after witnessing the enchanting beauty of this falls. Entrance fee is about P20/person and a cottage is about P350 for a small one. Overnight stay is not accommodated.

Just up of Daranak falls is another hidden falls – the Batlag Falls. You will cross a wooden bridge wading through the river to reach the other side. There is a separate entrance fee of P20/person. From the entrance, there is a stair leading further up. You can see a desolate-looking park with cottages. From there, you can here the cool sound of flashing water from the falls.
batlag falls
Batlag Falls, Taytay, Rizal

Upon seeing the falls, I couldn’t help but gasp at the enchanting sight. There were no clear paths or small bridges leading to the falls itself. You just have to walk through the stones/rocks, logs or exposed roots or directly walk through the waters.

I will never forget this place. You can sense the positive energy in the area -- very healing to the mind and body. I cannot stop but to take pictures of the place. It was my first falls-encounter and indeed a very unforgettable one!


  1. i remember going there way back 2004. ive been seeing it in movies, commercials before and until now. nice to see you feature it here.

  2. someone told me that this venue is favorite place to shoot. though forgot the titles. thanks!