Jun 12, 2010

Hundred Islands at Alaminos, Pangasinan

It's my second time this year.

The first time was with my High School friends(that was summer last year). We have a yearly planned outing exclusively for D. Silang mates.

hundred islands
HS friends at Hundred Islands, Pangasinan, Philippines

It was unforgettable. It was my first island hopping with HS friends. We rented a boat for Php2,000 and another P1,500 for vests and snorkeling, good for 20 persons. We first headed to the famous Governor's Island, where the house of Kuya is located (Pinoy Big Bother house). We climb the steep long winding
stairway to reach the topmost where we got the full view of Hundred Islands. The climb is worth it. Then after that we headed back to our bancas and went to visit other islands and come a stop at Lopez island where we had snorkeling experience. It was my first time, I even remember when I first got to the water, I never loose grip on the boat because I am afraid that I will get drowned. I don't know how to swim, I only rely on my vest. Luckily, I developed guts to finally swim. Mind you, I'm floating! Then we swam until we reach the coral island. And from there we saw the beauty of the marine life. Sadly, most of the corals there are destroyed.

Just recently, summer 2010. I came back there to experience the thrill I felt the first time I got there. But it was a different story. It was unplanned, unlike the first time, (i salute Phnas, HS friend, for the talent on organizing outing for our section). I am with my College barkada, mind you that was my first out-of-town trip with them after 7 years (5 years in college and 2+ years work life). We don't have a talented event's organizer in college. We are a believer of "pag biglaan, nangyayari. pag planado, hindi."

College friends at Hundred Islands, Pangasinan, Philippines
Straight from our trip from Manila, we headed straight to Hundred Islands. We were fetched by my tita on the terminal. Then, from there we hire a boat and explored the wonders of the islands. It was still an unforgettable experience. We had a great view of the Sunrise. Same thing as before, our first stop is Governor's island. Then again we after that, we stopped over on an island(sorry forgot the name!) where we ate, again thanks to my tita for the food. the highlight of our tour is we discovered a "cave" where we had opportunity to dive into the water. At first, I don't have the courage to dive in, it was more than I think 6 feet. But thanks to the encouragement of my friends that I able to conquer my fear and also thanks to the rented life vests. Unfortunately, we have to leave before noon, so we headed back to the boat and continued our island hopping.

There are more stories after that island hopping event, I'll post it here on the next few days. Just a preview, we also visited the Tondol White Beach at Anda, Pangasinan. We had a night swimming there. A very safe place to swim at night.

Till next post.


  1. Great post. I love to travel, especially here in our country. I have my travel blogs too. Keep on blogging your travel experiences to share the fun.

  2. Hi next big idea.. thanks for visiting my site. expect more posts here. enjoy!