Jun 26, 2010

Conquer Ilocos, Philippines - Day 1 at Vigan part 2

Plaza Burgoz, one of the famous historic plaza in Vigan. It was a tribute to the Vigan martyr priest, Father Jose P. Burgos. On the east end of the plaza is the newly renovated, large stage where important events are held. At the northwestern portion stands the century-old Bell Tower of Vigan Catherdral. Surrounding the plaza are carinderias where we ate our lunch.

Padre Burgoz Plaza

Near the Plaza, is the house of Padre Burgoz. Sadly. we didnt got the chance to explore the place because it was holiday, (the museum is closed during holidays). We just took pictures outside the house for souvenirs.

Padre Burgoz Museum
Next stop is Pagburnayan, a Jar Factory in Vigan (burnay - Vigan jar)  where we had a chance to meet Philippine National Folk Artist, Fidel Go.

Just a trivia: Burnay is an earthenware jar crafted by a potter's hands with the aid of a potter's wheel. It uses find sand (anay) as a tempering material and fired at a high temperature in a huge brick-and-clay ground kiln that makes it harder and more durable than other terracotta. 

Me with National Artist Fidel Go
Burnay jars

Right after that stint in Pagburnayan, we headed straight to Hidden Garden.

Hidden Garden

Hidden Garden - Bonsai

We had a first taste of Vigan Empanada, made form a freshly-rolled dough of rice-flour and egg whites. It's fillings is made up of cabbage, carrots, green papaya, monggo sprouts and tomatoes. One word to describe this empanada - Delicious!

Vigan Empanada

To be continued...

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